Garden monthly: May

  Dear garden aficionado, An inspiring idea for choosing plants, shrubs and trees that are suitable for you might just be a look over the fence: what is doing well in your neighbours’ garden? In case there is not much to look at/to admire there, 27 gardens in Burgundy have joined/are now members of ‘Jardins […]

Create a ‘hot border’ with dahlias and perennials!!!

The weekend of April 28th and 29th the doors of our workshop will be open from 9am until 6pm. We have dahlias and perennials in stock. Dahlias and perennials for creating a ‘hot border’ and more. Perennials pot size 9 cm € 3,50 each and pot size 11 cm € 4,50 each. Dahlias from 3,50 euro […]

« La plantation de matrice » ou « matrix planting » est la nouvelle tendance en jardinage !

Un nouveau printemps, un nouveau parterre de plantes vivaces ! « La plantation de matrice » ou « matrix planting » est la nouvelle tendance en jardinage. Un parterre traditionnel se compose de grands groupes de plantes vivaces. Habituellement, environ 20 variétés différentes fleurissent tout au long de l’année. Pour une plantation de matrice, environ six plantes de base […]

Garden jobs in March

This month there is a lot to do in the garden. If you haven’t cut back your perennials yet now it is the time to do so. Spread the clippings over your border (mulching) or throw them on the compost heap. Weeding borders: now you can see where weeds have settled. The dandelion digger of […]

Jardins & Santé the weekend of June 2nd-3rd and September 1st-2nd 2018

Dear garden lover, Especially for ‘Jardins & Santé’  we are opening our garden ‘Le Jardin du Pontot’ the weekend of June 2nd – 3rd and September 1st – 2nd 2018. The gate of our garden will be open from 10am – 18pm. ‘Le Jardin du Pontot’ 19 Rue du Ponceau Hameau de Fontenille 89660 BROSSES The revenues (3€ […]

Perennials for a border in full sun in well-drained soil

With the garden hibernating, January is the time for planning. Which hardy plants for your sunny border are suitable for Burgundy’s climate? Which plants will thrive in Burgundy’s clay soil? Winters can be very cold here (-17C is no exception). To make things worse often there is little or no rainfall in July and August. […]

Perennnial and Dahlia market April 15th, 16th and 17th (Easter)

We’ll organize our perennial and dahlia market on April 15th, 16h and 17th (Easter). We mainly deliver ordered plants and our stock of perennials will be limited. Be kind enough to order your plants and dahlias before March 27th. All the plants mentioned in the blog above cost € 3,50 per plant.

L’inauguration du Festival des Jardins à Chaumont sur Loire le 4 Mai 2016

Chers clients, Mercredi 4 mai, la veille de l’Ascension, aura lieu à 17h00 l’inauguration du ‘Festival international des Jardins’ au Domaine Chaumont-sur-Loire. En plus de notre jardin ‘Rooftop Power Plant’ (consultez il y a 26 autres jardins à visiter. Les participants viennent d’Angleterre, de Russe, de Suisse, des États Unis, de Belgique, du Canada, d’Italie, de […]