Garden jobs in March

This month there is a lot to do in the garden. If you haven’t cut back your perennials yet now it is the time to do so. Spread the clippings over your border (mulching) or throw them on the compost heap. Weeding borders: now you can see where weeds have settled. The dandelion digger of world-famous Dutch firm Sneeboer, (hand-forged, of indestructible steel) pops out your dandelions and other uninvited guest easily. Order it now: !

Inox dandelion digger from Sneeboer € 23,50

While cutting and weeding: be careful with the flower bulbs just showing their noses above soil!

Roses, clematis and shrubs that flower in the summer may be pruned this month. But if you prune early flowering roses, clematis and shrubs now this will have detrimental effects on their flowering.


  • Winter pruning of apple and pear trees; last month in which this is advisable.
  • Summer flowering shrubs such as: Buddleja, Hypericum, Ceanothus, Hydrangea arborescens and Hydrangea panicula
  • Lavender
  • Roses and Clematis flowering after June 21th
  • DO NOT prune: Hydrangea macrophylla
  • DO NOT prune: shrubs, roses and clematis that flower before June 21th or earlier.

Things to do:

  • Cut back perennials
  • Weed borders
  • Improve soil with compost
  • Improve soil with organic fertilizer
  • Force dahlias


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